MD Site Services offers a substantial range of electrically powered garage doors and gates for the Domestic customer. Customers enjoy the convenience of being able to open a gated driveway or garage door at the touch of a button, especially on a cold, rainy evening.

Not having to get out of your car in order to open gates or garage doors also has obvious security benefits, particularly late at night on secluded properties.

MD Site Services also provides a wide range of Operators, the mechanisms that power the gates and doors. These can be fitted to your existing gates and garage doors in many instances - call for a no-obligation chat about what is best for you.

Offering a friendly local (Leicestershire) and national service, MD Site Services gives every customer complete peace of mind with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty covering all parts and labour together with a 10 year paint warranty and a superb after sales service. Products are manufactured by Hormann, the domestic garage door and industrial loading bay industry leader for quality.

In addition, MD Site Services make it easy for you to select the perfect product for your particular requirements. Simply call 01530 588336 or email to arrange a no pressure, no obligation chat about your requirements. The benefits and prices of each product will be explained clearly giving you the opportunity to make an informed choice.

Canopy Garage Doors

MD Site Services' entry level garage door is far from 'standard'. It is an ‘up and over’ design suitable for single and double width garage doors and provides a smooth operation as well as a host of safety features many other manufacturers seem to overlook.

Safety features include: an anti-fall safeguard to prevent injury if a cable breaks; protective covers on the door edges to prevent trapped fingers; a cable drum with deep grooves to prevent cables jumping; and a track designed to make roller derailment impossible.

Retractable Garage Doors

Safety features include: a multiple spring system which ensures the door will not drop suddenly even if a spring breaks; precision track guidance to prevent the door from derailing; protective covers on the lifting arm mechanisms to prevent trapped fingers; safety distance between springs which is so small not even a child could insert their fingers; a flexible seal at the bottom of double garage doors to protect against foot trapping. Security is also taken care of with a new latching system which firmly fixes the corners of the garage door to the frame making it impossible to lever the door open.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors open vertically and when open are suspended from the ceiling saving space. The design means you don't need to allow space in front of the garage to open or close it, unlike the traditional 'up and over' design.

The doors are fitted behind the garage opening and so do not impinge at all on the height or width of the opening. It also means that the shape of the garage opening is of little importance allowing the sectional garage door to be fitted to square, andgled or arched garage openings.

Sectional garage doors can also be provided double-skinned and filled with a thermal insulation to minimise heat loss. Perfect if your garage adjoins a warm room of your house.

Safety of course is of paramount importance and our sectional garage doors lead the industry in; preventing trapped fingers by having no gaps between the door and the door frame; preventing the doors from crashing to the floor when a spring fails by using an integrated device which arrests the door immediately; preventing rollers derailing with adjustable, patented track rollers; and uniquely shaped door sections which ensure there are no crush zones.

Roller Garage Doors

MD Site Services' Roller garage doors allow plenty of space in front of and inside the garage. You can park right up to the garage door and still be able to open it, unlike the traditional 'up and over' style garage door.

When open, the door rolls up into the shape of a barrel leaving the garage roof space easily accessible.

The operator mechanism for the door allows very soft and quiet movement and is located in an easy to reach position for trouble-free maintenance.

Electric Gates

MD Site Services supply and fit remote-controlled entrance gates to make the use of your entranceway or driveway as secure and as convenient as possible.

Gates can be fitted from scratch or electric operators added to your existing gates.

Operators & Extras

The operators are the mechanisms which power the electric gates and garage doors. They are supplied and fitted with new electric garage doors and gates but can be fitted to your existing garage doors and gates - call us for a no-obligation consultation to discuss the best options for your situation.

There is also a wide range of hand-held transmitters and accessories for all fitting situations. Accessories range from the 'Micro' Hand Transmitter to code switches, fingerprint scanners and emergency batteries.

All operators come with a 5-year warranty giving you complete peace of mind.

Call us today for friendly advice and a free quote 01530588336

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